So, “what’s in it for me”?  That’s what most people want to know.  Give me the bottom line.  Okay, it’s this simple.   If you have an application that can benefit from video – and we bet you do – then tell us what you need and we will do our best to make it happen.

Depending on what you do – here are a few ideas that may apply to you.



Video is the face of your company in the digital age. A positive video image opens the door to growth and opportunity. Create a Video Portfolio that enhances your presence in the digital domain.

Healthcare / Medical

The first word in waiting room is waiting.  While you have this captive audience why not educate them on your service or the array of things you offer, and help them get to know you.  All you need is our video screen application with a custom video from ESP Visual.


The key to education is “Attention Retention”. Use video to spice up your education format for live classes or virtual classroom environments. Our experience with online education provides a unique perspective to produce your video.

Churches & Faith-Based Groups

Promoting your events with compelling video and live streaming your services are two great ways to further your mission. We have solutions to take your program to the next level.

Real Estate

The virtual video tour of your property can save time and money, and most importantly could influence the prospect to make a purchase decision. Show your property in the best light with an ESP Visual Virtual Video Tour.


“Sell the sizzle – not the steak”. A video demonstration playing above a product display can bring an otherwise dull corner of your store to life. Helping people visualize a positive purchase experience is part of our Retail Video Showcase.


Use an elegant video display of your exquisite services to show guests the entire selection of choices you have to offer. Many hotels and restaurants use this to add revenue through service promotions that create an upsell opportunity.

Trade Show

Video can be the magnet that draws traffic to your tradeshow booth. Create a captivating environment with a video wall or show your product in action with a dynamic video display. Draw more visitors the ESP Visual Video Magnet.


Promoting your team or league with a high-energy video can generate a new level of interest and support for the upcoming season. Our videos can take your team to the next level.


Give your supporters the personal attention they demand with custom video updates that keep your message clear, and deliver them on a regular basis. Our Video Updater App is an excellent place to start your campaign.